Spend Some Time In Manchester

Whether you plan on staying in Manchester for personal reasons such as a bit of time away with family or you’re there for business then there are plenty of great places for you to visit, eat and hotels for you to stay in. They have an outstanding selection of hotels for you to stay in with fantastic ratings and amenities.

One of the many amazing hotels would be the Pendulum Hotel. They also have a conference centre for clients that are travelling for business; this makes things much easier for them. In all of the rooms you get both coffee and tea facilities, as well as many other facilities such as a hair dryer, ironing equipment and free wifi. The suites also get work space and sofas so they can relax whilst doing business if they need to do some work in peace. Many customers have left so many pleased reviews saying that the food was delicious, the staff members were extremely helpful and that the rooms were comfortable. This hotel has a fantastic location, as everything you could need is in the surrounding area. It’s just a 15 minute walk away from the hotel is the city centre and an 8 minute walk away is the Manchester Oxford road train station. The hotels amenities include a restaurant, bar and cafe. The cafe is known as the Coffee bean cafe it has a fantastic range of velvety drinks. The restaurant is known as the Hub bistro, it has a selection of delicious dishes. Lastly is the conservatory bar which is great for meeting new people or if you want to relax and grab a drink with colleagues or friends.

If you have gone there on business then there are a range of fantastic cafes for you to visit to where you can have a nice drink and use their wifi; you have a selection of cafes to suit what you like including vintage and cosy cafes. This means that you can get your work done somewhere quite in peace, whilst getting a change of scenery rather than spending all of your time sat at a desk in an office. They have a wide variety of restaurants you could visit if you would like to go out for a meal to discuss things with a client. However if you’re here on to have a nice weekend and relax then you could try out one of tier escape rooms. These tests how well you can solve riddles under pressure as you only have an hour to escape the room. There are so many different types including detective, mafia and mad scientist themed ones.