Getting In-depth With Canada ETA

It is announced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), that after September 15, 2016 it is compulsory to have Canada eta to enter Canada. Earlier a person can enter Canada if meet the requirements of country and having a valid passport. But now you have to apply for ETA to visit Canada for some work, holiday plan and Travel plan. ETA will be automatically interlinked to the passport of the person. So if you are going to book a flight for Canada it’s better to get ETA first. Its validity is 5 years or until your visa expires. Need more information? Take a look at

If you are a citizen of Canada, a permanent resident of Canada or dual citizen then you are not eligible to apply for an ETA. In case of a displaced person or an escapee if you apply for an Canada eta, your documents will be rejected automatically. You can simply apply online for ETA. At a time, only one person can apply and pay for ETA and do not forget to take your printed receipt at the same time because if you don’t then you would not be unable to get a printed receipt later. Make sure before applying you must have a credit card, valid passport and email address. There is a time limit to fill the Canada eta application form so attentively fill it within the time and review once before submitting.

ETA requirement to enter the country is a great concept. It is a better way to prevent the entry of impermissible or unallowable people in the country. This system should be gladly accepted by everyone and even every country must adopt it. But the application process should be simple. As a couple of people are facing the problems after applying like not getting the ETA in mentioned time or facing some scam issues while applying online. So this should be improved or arranged in an easy and simple manner, so that people can easily go for ETA without any trouble.



What you need to know about Canada eTA

What is Canada eTA?

Known as Electronic Travel Authorisation, this is a new entry requirement for those visa-exempt foreign nationals who are flying to or passing through Canada. This authorisation is linked electronically to your passport. It is valid for 5 years, or till the expiry of your passport, whichever first comes.

The government of Canada suggests that eTA application should be carried out before you book your flight as it might take some days to process it even though through the online system it is often granted within minutes.

Who Requires Canada eTA? Learn more here

Citizens from other countries, apart from the United States, who don’t require a visa to enter the Canada will have to get an eTA prior to flying to Canada. However, travellers don’t require it when they are entering to Canada by sea or land.

Effective from 15 March 2016:

Canadian permanent residents don’t require an eTA to fly to the country. However, they should fly with PR travel document or Canadian permanent resident card. Or else, they might not be able to board flight to the country.

United States permanent residents require an eTA to fly to Canada (and their Green Card). They don’t require an eTA when entering Canada by sea or land.

Temporary workers and students from Canada eTa-required states who received their work or student permits before August 1, 2015 and want to travel from, or return to Canada by air require an eTA.

Applying for Canada eTA

This is an easy online process which will take you just some few minutes. All you require is your passport, email address and a credit card. It’s valid for up to 5 years.

You should get your Canada eTA immediately you start to schedule your trip to visit, or transit through the country. When required, last-minute applications may be made on any device having internet connection. This includes mobile phones. Majority of applicants may expect to receive an email response within just minutes of applying.

You do not have to print anything in order to prove you have a Canada eTA. It’s linked electronically to your passport. What you need is traveling with your passport that you used to apply for it.


A digital entry permit linked to your passport, eTA is the same as ESTA required to visit the US.

The Canada eTA was introduced in March, but some period of leniency has applied that allows Britons to enter the country with a valid passport. However, the period will end on September 29.

When you are traveling to Canada after that date, you will not be let in without one of these important permits